A lethal legacy /
By Graham, Heather,
When his cousin's business partner is found dead on an island he inherited, Special Agent Craig Frasier agrees to investigate with psychologist Kieran Finnegan and they discover that the property comes with strange lore and a blood-soaked past.Finn Douglas has big plans for his inheritance and the rambling manor house that dominates the landscape on Douglas Island off the coast of New York State. He has a vision to turn the island into a resort getaway-- until the broken body of his business partner is found at the base of the rocky escarpment. Special Agent Craig Frasier agrees to help his cousin Finn by investigating and, with psychologist Kieran Finnegan at his side, heads to the island. They discover the Douglas estate comes complete with strange lore and a blood-soaked past. Is there something on the island that someone is willing to kill to protect? -- adapted from jacket

Stone bridges /
By Neggers, Carla,
"Adrienne Portale has never settled in one place for long, but takes a job as innkeeper in tiny Knights Bridge, Massachusetts, to spend some time getting to know the father she only recently found. When three small boys get lost in the wilderness that borders the inn, Adam Sloan leads the search. His family ties to the town go back generations. Adrienne sees the bond that people in a small town have as they band together to find the missing children. Adam is impressed with her calm strength, but he's sure she won't find what she's looking for in his quiet hometown. Despite their differences, Adam and Adrienne discover they have more in common than they'd expected. They love to explore old stone walls and bridges, and she adores his dog. As summer bleeds into the gorgeous New England fall, the attraction between them grows, and they must decide where--and who--makes a place home."--

Madeline Finn and the shelter dog /
By Papp, Lisa,
After Madeline Finn adopts a puppy, she learns about her local animal shelter and organizes donations and volunteers to improve the lives of the animals there --

The book hog /
By Pizzoli, Greg,
The Book Hog loves books and has a large collection, although he never learned to read.

Peppa Pig and the family reunion.
Grandpa and Granny Pig, Auntie Pig, Uncle Pig, Cousin Chloe, and Baby Alexander join Peppa and her family at their home for a family reunion.