Sleep, my bunny /
By Wells, Rosemary,
A little bunny goes through his bedtime routine tidying up, taking a bath, and reading a story.

Drama /
By Zuravicky, Orli,
Appeals to 4th-7th graders.Reading level Grade 4."Lucy's English class is working on a Shakespeare comedy, but so far it's a total tragedy. First, Lucy gets cast as the part of a mean guy, which her best friend, Cecily, gets to be the interesting female lead. Even worse, all of Lucy's lines are in the same scenes as awful Georgia Sinclaire. As if that wasn't enough afterlife drama, Lucy is torn between her crush, Colin, and intriguing older ghost-boy Miles. It's a plot complicated enough for Shakespeare himself! Will a new ghostly power help Lucy sort it all out before the curtain goes up?"--Page [4] of cover.

Return to the Isle of the Lost /
By De la Cruz, Melissa,
Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay have received threatening messages demanding they return home. They have a sneaking suspicion that their villainous parents are behind the messages, and something Evie sees in her Magic Mirror confirms their fears. Although Maleficent's just a tiny lizard after her confrontation with Mal, could she have found a way to escape? Mal and her friends determine to sneak back to the Isle to get to the bottom of the mystery.

School spirit /
By Zuravicky, Orli,
Appeals to 4th-7th graders.Reading level grade 4."Lucy is having a great afterlife. She's got a perfect boyfriend; she's busy with the Limbos (the dance club she co-founded); and she's even learning to control her newest ghostly skill, mindreading. She is totally ready to lead the Limbos to victory in the school spirit competition! But whoever said the afterlife was going to be peaceful didn't have to go to middle school and didn't know Lucy's nemesis, Georgia Sinclaire. This competition is about to get spirited. And only the best ghost will win!"--Page [4] of cover.

Silly Jokes for Silly Kids /
By Willy, Silly,
This joke book contains hundreds of funny kids' jokes with illustrations and cartoons. The illustrations provide a visual aid to children who may become quickly tired of simply reading line after line. Kids will be laughing and sharing silly jokes with everyone in no time. Great for early readers. Be warned, some of these jokes are really, really, really silly. So silly, in fact, it is hard not to laugh.