The Magnolia Inn /
By Brown, Carolyn,
"New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown brings together two wounded hearts in a Texas romance of second chances and twice-in-a-lifetime true love"--Inheriting the Magnolia Inn, a Victorian home nestled in the East Texas pines, is a fantasy come true for Jolene Broussard. After living with the guilt of failing to rescue her self-destructive mother, Jolene knows her aunt and uncle's B&B is the perfect jump start for a new life and a comforting place to call home. There's just one hitch: stubborn and moody carpenter Tucker Malone has a half interest in the Magnolia Inn, and he's planting his dusty cowboy boots squarely in the middle of her dream. Ever since his wife's death, Tucker's own guilt and demons have left him as guarded as Jolene. The last thing he expects is for his new partner to stir something inside him he thought was gone forever. Restoring the Magnolia Inn is the first step toward restoring their hearts. -- adapted from back cover

Moonfire : The Epic Journey of Apollo 11
By Mailer, Norman/ Lennon, J. Michael (EDT)/ Schiller, Lawrence (CRT)

The natural home /
By Blomquist, Hans,

Mykonos : portrait of a vanished era /
By McCabe, Robert A.,
McCabe's black and white photographs capture the unspoiled beauty and traditional culture of Mykonos as it was in the late 1950s.

Living With Allergies : Practical Tips for All the Family
By Amoscato, Emma

Message from the shadows /
By Tabucchi, Antonio,
"These twenty-three timeless stories in Message from the Shadows sift through Antonio Tabucchi's shadow world. Here, characters step into new dreams with ease, open their mouths to swallow the sky, and idle whales ponder the fragile state of mankind. At times, Tabucchi's world spins toward a single fate: a young boy's lament is said to gather eels to the shore, or a woman in a cotton dress sings, 'I was left with a handful of air' and a young man follows her curious echo. In crackling, tender prose, Tabucchi illuminates the small joys and laments of ordinary people. In these stories, time staggers, straddling the narrow gap between dream and reality. With each brilliant glimpse, we find ourselves examining trees, evening shadows, train journeys, and wrinkled faces of a shared world with fresh eyes"--Includes bibliographical references and index.The reversal game -- Clouds -- Letter from Casablanca -- The Cheshire Cat -- Night, sea, or distance -- Message from the shadows -- The woman from Porto Pim : a story -- Islands -- The translation -- Wanderlust -- The trains that go to madras -- The phrase that follows this is false : the phrase that precedes this is true -- Bucharest hasn't changed a bit -- Little misunderstandings of no importance -- Drip, drop, drippity-drop -- The flying creatures of Fra Angelico -- Against time -- Little Gatsby -- Cinema -- Small blue whales strolling about the Azores -- Yo me enamoré del aire -- Voices -- Postscript : a whale's view of man.

The magic of thinking big /
By Schwartz, David Joseph,
The timeless and practical advice in The Magic of Thinking Big "Believe Big, "says Schwartz. "The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success. Remember this, too! Big ideas and big plans are often easier -- certainly no more difficult - than small ideas and small plans."Believe you can succeed & you will -- Cure yourself of excusitis, the failure disease -- Build confidence & destroy fear -- How to think big -- How to think & dream creatively -- You are what you think you are -- Manage your environment: go first class -- Make your attitudes your allies -- Think right toward people -- Get the action habit -- How to turn defeat into victory -- Use goals to help you grow -- How to think like a leader.

Lonely Planet's Global Distillery Tour
By Lonely Planet Food (COR)

The most powerful woman in the room is you : command an audience and sell your way to success /
By Fenet, Lydia,
Your Time Is Now -- THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN IN THE ROOM . . . Uses the Strike Method -- Sells as Herself -- Knows You Are What You Negotiate -- Grows Stronger Every Time She Fails -- Harnesses the Power of Community -- Never Misses an Opportunity to Network -- Commands her Audience -- Creates a Road Map and Follows Through -- Evolves, Innovates, and Connects -- Catches More Bees with Honey, but Honey, Don't Mess with a Southern Woman -- Is Only as Good as Her Word -- Exudes Confidence -- Inspires Others and Leads by Example; The Most Powerful Woman in the Room Is You."In The Most Powerful Woman in the Room Is You, Lydia Fenet takes you on her twenty-year journey from intern to managing director and global head of strategic partnerships at Christie's Auction House. Lydia shares the revolutionary sales approach she has crafted over the years that has not only shaped her career, but helped her raise more than half a billion dollars for nonprofits around the world. This is an approach that will empower you to sell your way to success in business and in life. For example, you'll learn how to create your own 'Strike Method' or signature move to help you feel confident entering any situation. Combining case studies and personal stories, Lydia also shares tips from some of the most powerful and successful women in business, fashion, journalism, sports, and the arts. This book will show you how to take your career to the next level, whether it's overcoming your fear of asking for something or bridging a wage gap. Lydia has been there and come back more powerful than ever. Inspiring and encouraging, Lydia's hard-won advice will help you walk into any room with the confidence of a leader and motivate others to find their voice as well. Get ready to embrace your natural strengths, map your career, and take ownership of your life"--"Lydia Fenet, Senior Vice President and International Director of Strategic Partnerships at Christie's, shares her personal story and her revolutionary sales approach to help women embrace and channel their power in any room"--

Misadventures with my ex /
By Black, Shayla,

No good tea goes unpunished /
By Baker, Bree,
"Catering her childhood friend's beachfront wedding was a dream come true for Everly Swan--and, with hundreds of guests in attendance, great exposure for her new iced tea shop and café. But when the well-to-do groom is found floating facedown in the surf, the locals of Charm, North Carolina, turn their suspicions to his new bride. Could she have been so desperate to lay her hands on his fortune that she arranged for his murder before they even set off on their honeymoon? Everly knows her love-struck friend couldn't be behind the murder, but with clues pointing in several directions, she can't decide which wedding guest is the most likely culprit. Meanwhile, the frustratingly handsome Detective Hays has made it clear that Everly should stay out of the investigation altogether. But with a killer on the loose and a feeling that someone is watching her café very closely, Everly knows that if she can't solve this murder soon, her cake might be iced for good"--

Miss Julia takes the wheel /
By Ross, Ann B.,
"The delightful new installment of the beloved and New York Times bestselling Miss Julia series When Miss Julia's regular doctor goes on vacation with his wife, leaving a replacement in his stead, Miss Julia is immediately concerned. Never one to miss an opportunity to entertain--or size up--a newcomer, she invites the charming Dr. Don Crawford, and his painfully shy wife, Lauren, to dinner. While Miss Julia and Sam both note Lauren's obvious lack of social skills, it's her friends Hazel Marie and Binkie that pick up on some of Dr. Crawford's less palatable qualities. Meanwhile, Lloyd has gotten his first car, and LuAnne, fresh off her divorce, has started a job at the local funeral home and is in urgent need of an occupation-appropriate makeover--Miss Julia has enough on her plate. Yet there is just something she can't place about the Crawfords, and she won't rest until she gets to the bottom of it. As always, hijinks ensue as Ann B. Ross delivers this delightful and entertaining installment, Miss Julia Takes the Wheel, in her bestselling Miss Julia series"--

The never game /
By Deaver, Jeffery,
"From the bestselling and award-winning master of suspense, the first novel in a thrilling new series, introducing Colter Shaw. "You have been abandoned." A young woman has gone missing in Silicon Valley and her father has hired Colter Shaw to find her. The son of a survivalist family, Shaw is an expert tracker. Now he makes a living as a "reward seeker," traveling the country to help police solve crimes and private citizens locate missing persons. But what seems a simple investigation quickly thrusts him into the dark heart of America's tech hub and the cutthroat billion-dollar video-gaming industry. "Escape if you can." When another victim is kidnapped, the clues point to one video game with a troubled past--The Whispering Man. In that game, the player has to survive after being abandoned in an inhospitable setting with five random objects. Is a madman bringing the game to life? "Or die with dignity." Shaw finds himself caught in a cat-and-mouse game, risking his own life to save the victims even as he pursues the kidnapper across both Silicon Valley and the dark 'net. Encountering eccentric game designers, trigger-happy gamers and ruthless tech titans, he soon learns that he isn't the only one on the hunt: someone is on his trail and closing fast"--

Natural Style : Using Organic and Eco-Conscious Materials for Earth-Friendly Designs
By Sobesky, Janet

Moon rush : the new space race /
By David, Leonard
Includes bibliographical references and index.Foreword : Let's get our global space act together / by Buzz Aldrin -- The moon: What's the attraction? -- What do we know about the moon? -- Paving the way -- Man on the moon: Apollo's lasting legacy -- Laying a new foundation -- Back to the moon -- Giving the moon the business -- New moon rising -- Afterword: Mission control / by the Honorable Harrison H. Schmitt -- Appendix: Lunar exploration time line."It seems a foregone conclusion: We will set foot on the Moon once more. Let this provocative, timely book by veteran space journalist Leonard David be your guide as it happens. Against an inspiring backdrop of history, science, and technology, he explains the explorations, enterprises, and most pressing issues surrounding our lunar satellite today..."--from Back cover.

Muhammad : forty introductions /
By Knight, Michael Muhammad,
Includes bibliographical references.Introducing the introductions -- 2. Punk rock and Bedouin piss -- 3. The Prophet in his world -- 4. The Hadith of Gabriel -- 5. The end of prophethood -- 6. Who created God? -- 7. Muhammad the "Pure Greek" -- 8. Portrait of the Prophet as a young man -- 9. Muhammad the orphan -- 10. The mountain of light -- 11. The ascension -- 12. "His character was the Qur'an" -- 13. The people of wudu' -- 14. The seven oft-repeated -- 15. The Prophet and suicide -- 16. Hadiths of intention -- 17. The greater jihad -- 18. Death of the Prophet -- 19. Muhammad as light -- 20. The city and the gate -- 21. The people of the house -- 22. The lady of light -- 23. Muhammad the grandfather -- 24. Like the stars -- 25. Mother of the believers -- 26. Prophetic sexuality -- 27. The 'A'isha question -- 28. Muhammad the lawgiver -- 29. Deleuzian fingernails -- 30. Muhammad and the animal -- 31. The bag of meat -- 32. Muhammad the shaman -- 33. Dreaming Muhammad -- 34. Knowledge in China -- 35. Hadiths for losers -- 36. Queering Muhammad -- 37. Knowledge of self -- 38. Hair and skin -- 39. The mercy of difference -- 40. Thank allah for Amina Wadud -- Acknowledgments -- Bibliography."[This book] offers a distinct and nuanced take on the life and teachings of the prophet Muhammad, using a traditional genre of Islamic literature called the forty hadiths collection. Hadiths are the reported sayings and actions of Muhammad that have been collected by the tens of thousands throughout Islamic history. There is a tradition in which Muslim scholars take from this vast textual ocean to compile their own smaller collections of forty hadiths, an act of curation that allows them to present their particular understanding of Muhammad's legacy and the essential points of Islam. Here, Michael Muhammad Knight offers forty narrations that provide windows into the diverse ways in which Muslims envision Muhammad. He also examines his own relationship to Muslim traditions while exploring such topics as law, mysticism, sectarianism, gender, and sexuality."--Page 4 of cover.

Nest of the monarch /
By Kenyon, Kay,
"In her most dangerous mission yet, Kim Tavistock goes undercover as the wife of a British diplomat into the heart of Nazi Germany, where she learns an explosive secret that could change the tides of the war if she doesn't risk her life to stop it"--

The mad hatter mystery /
By Carr, John Dickson,
"At the hand of an outrageous prankster, top hats are going missing all over London, snatched from the heads of some of the city's most powerful people. But is the hat thief the same as the person responsible for stealing the lost story by Edgar Allan Poe, purloined from a private collection, which Dr. Gideon Fell has just been hired to retrieve? Unlike the manuscript, the hats don't stay stolen for long; each one reappears in unexpected and conspicuous places shortly after being taken. When the most recently vanished hat is found atop a corpse in the foggy depths of the Tower of London, the seemingly harmless pranks become much more serious -- and when the dead man is identified as the nephew of the book collector, Fell's search for the missing story becomes a search for a murderer as well. Reissued for the first time in thirty years, The Mad Hatter Mystery is the second novel in the Dr. Gideon Fell series, which can be enjoyed in any order." --

Midnight at the wandering vineyard /
By Raintree, Jamie,
"Mallory Graham is returning home to the heat and vines of Southern California in search of the peace she can't find in the city. Her parents' vineyard is an escape for tourists, but full of mixed memories for Mallory. It may also be the one place she can find the forgiveness she seeks. But can things ever go back to the way they once were--in the days before that long, hot, heartbreaking summer? Growing up, it was Mallory and Kelly. Kelly and Mallory. Nothing could come between them. That summer before college, bucket list in hand, they greeted every sunrise and chased every sunset. Tattoos--check. Sleeping under the stars--check. But when Mallory met Sam, everything changed. Older, experienced and everything Mallory never knew she wanted, Sam was her first taste of love--and the one adventure Mallory didn't want to share with Kelly. But Kelly had her own secrets, too, until the night tragedy struck and their perfect summer--and their friendship--unraveled. Now, after ten years away, Mallory is home and determined to make amends. No more secrets, no more half-truths. As Kelly slowly lets her guard down, Mallory convinces her to complete their unfinished list of hopes and dreams. But Mallory's not the only one back in town, and when Sam reappears, Mallory risks making all the same mistakes--and maybe a few new ones--to try to heal that which was broken."--Amazon website.

Never a lovely so real : the life and work of Nelson Algren /
By Asher, C.,
Includes bibliographical references (pages [493]-524) and index.I: Becoming someone is a solitary process. The story of Isaac ; Between St. Columbanus and the wrought-iron gate of Oak Woods Cemetery ; "Tell your tire troubles to Nelson Abraham" ; Stoic. Academic. Ink-stained wretch ; The past receded like a wave just spent ; "So help me" ; "What is a carpenter without his tools?" ; Somebody in boots ; The crack up -- II: The Chicago School. Two forlorn children ; Trotskyists, Council Communists, and Mattickites ; At home in Rat Alley ; Morning ; "Do it the hard way" ; The anonymous man -- Every day is D-Day under the El. Exploring the neon wilderness ; A boy from the provinces ; Exile? ; "Ok, kid, you beat Dostoyevsky" ; "How long does this sort of thing go on?" ; Nonconformity ; "Riding day-coaches to nowhere" ; "They don't exactly give me any medals for caution" ; A walk on the wild side ; A lightless cave off a loveless hall -- IV: Wander years. "No, no novel" ; A character named Nelson Algren ; Sea diary ; "On the Ho Chi Minh Trail" ; The last carousel ; "The sanest man I've ever met" -- V: Exile. Paterson, New Jersey ; The devil's stocking ; "The end is nothing, the road is all"."This definitive biography reclaims Nelson Algren as a towering literary figure and finally unravels the enigma of his disappearance from American letters. For a time, Nelson Algren was America's most famous author, lauded by the likes of Richard Wright and Ernest Hemingway. Millions bought his books. Algren's third novel, The Man with the Golden Arm, won the first National Book Award, and Frank Sinatra starred in the movie. But despite Algren's talent, he abandoned fiction and fell into obscurity. The cause of his decline was never clear. Some said he drank his talent away; others cited writer's block. The truth, hidden in the pages of his books, is far more complicated and tragic. Now, almost forty years after Algren's death, Colin Asher finally captures the full, novelistic story of his life in a magisterial biography set against mid-twentieth-century American politics and culture. Drawing from interviews, archival correspondence, and the most complete version of Algren's 886-page FBI file ever released, Colin Asher portrays Algren as a dramatic iconoclast. A member of the Communist Party in the 1930s, Algren used his writing to humanize Chicago's underclass, while excoriating the conservative radicalism of the McCarthy era. Asher traces Algren's development as a thinker, his close friendship and falling out with Richard Wright, and his famous affair with Simone de Beauvoir. Most intriguingly, Asher uncovers the true cause of Algren's artistic exile: a reckless creative decision that led to increased FBI scrutiny and may have caused a mental breakdown. In his second act, Algren was a vexing figure who hid behind a cynical facade. He called himself a 'journalist' and a 'loser,' though many still considered him one of the greatest living American authors. An inspiration to writers such as Hunter S. Thompson, Martha Gellhorn, Jimmy Breslin, Betty Friedan, Cormac McCarthy, Don DeLillo, Russell Banks, and Thomas Pynchon, Algren nevertheless struggled to achieve recognition, and died just as his career was on the verge of experiencing a renaissance. Never a Lovely So Real offers an exquisitely detailed, engrossing portrait of a master who, as esteemed literary critic Maxwell Geismar wrote, was capable of suggesting 'the whole contour of a human life in a few terse pages.'"--Dust jacket.