Catch that chicken! / by Atinuke,author.(GaAaGPL)666941; Brooksbank, Angela,illustrator.(GaAaGPL)1178680;
"The team behind Baby Goes to Market and B Is for Baby visit a Nigerian village for a humorous ode to childhood ingenuity. Lami is the best chicken catcher in the whole village. Her sister may be speedy at spelling, her friend fast at braiding hair, and her brother brave with bulls, but when it comes to chickens, nobody is faster or braver than Lami. That is, until the day when Lami chases a little too fast, up the baobab tree, and reaches a little too far ... ow! How can she catch chickens with an ankle that's puffed up like an angry lizard? Could it be, as Nana Nadia says, that quick thinking is more important than quick running? Award-winning author Atinuke celebrates Nigerian village life in a story vibrantly illustrated by Angela Brooksbank with a universal message at its heart"
Subjects: Fiction.; Juvenile works.; Picture books.; Picture books.; Villages; Girls; Chickens; Ability; Chickens; Creative ability; Villages; Nigeria.; youth literature (form); Ability.; Chickens.; Girls.; Villages.;
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Hugo Sprouts and the strange case of the beans / by Loren, John,author,illustrator.;
"Hugo Sprouts is a fantastic tale about a boy frustrated with being small. Luckily, Hugo P. Sprouts is a mad scientist and determined to find a solution..."--
Subjects: Picture books.; Stories in rhyme.; Children's stories; Stories in rhyme.; Picture books.; Scientists; Inventions; Body size; Scientists; Inventions; Body size; Stories in rhyme.; Picture books.;
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Treasure Island / by (PINES)43153Stevenson, Robert Louis,1850-1894; Chapman, Neil,ill.;
While going through the possessions of a deceased guest who owed them money, the mistress of the inn and her son find a treasure map that leads them to a pirate's fortune.
Subjects: Historical fiction.; Adventure fiction.; Treasure Island (Imaginary place); Treasure troves; Pirates;
© 2004., Parragon,
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John Adams / by McCullough, David G.(GaAaGPL)11835;
Includes bibliographical references (pages 703-726) and index.Revolution: Road to Philadelphia -- True blue -- Colossus of independence -- Distant shores: Appointment to France -- Unalterably determined -- Abigail in Paris -- London -- Independence forever: Heir apparent -- Old oak -- Statesman -- Rejoice ever more -- Journey's end.Profiles John Adams, an influential patriot during the American Revolution who became the nation's first vice president and second president.Pulitzer Prize for Biography, 2002.
Subjects: Biography.; Adams, John, 1735-1826.; Presidents; Adams, John, 1735-1826.; Présidents; Adams, John, 1735-1826; Politics and government; Presidents.; Adams, John.; Famous Persons; Government;
© ©2001., Simon & Schuster,
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The best short stories of Mark Twain / by Twain, Mark,1835-1910(GaAaGPL)46985; Berkove, Lawrence I.,1930-2018(GaAaGPL)568552;
Includes bibliographical references (pages [363]-364).Collects several of Mark Twain's short stories, including Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog, Political Economy, and Extracts from Adam's Diary.
Subjects: Humorous stories, American.; Short stories, American;
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Death and honor / by Griffin, W. E. B.(GaAaGPL)176128; Butterworth, William E.(William Edmund)(GaAaGPL)624551;
The year is 1943, and Argentina is officially neutral, but crawling with every kind of spy, sympathizer, and military official imaginable. The hero is Cletus Frade, a Marine pilot recruited by the OSS, with strong family ties to Argentina, and a lot on his hands. OSS chief Wild Bill Donovan has asked him to set up his own official-but-really-OSS airline in Argentina, using "loaned" Lockheed Lodestars and Constellations. Of even more concern are two interwoven German operations: a government scheme for Jews outside the Fatherland to purchase the freedom of their relatives in concentration camps, who will then be transported to Argentina and Uruguay; and a plan called Operation Phoenix.
Subjects: Historical fiction.; War stories.; Fiction.; United States. Marine Corps; World War, 1939-1945; United States. Marine Corps.; World War (1939-1945);
© 2009, c2008., Jove Books,
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Americans of Jewish descent : a compendium of genealogy / by (PINES)111524Stern, Malcolm H.;
Bibliography: p. 231-236.
Subjects: Jews;
© 1971., Ktav Pub. House,
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Your place in the universe / by Chin, Jason,1978-author.(GaAaGPL)486578;
Includes bibliographical references."A non-fiction introduction to the massive scale of the known universe"--Ages 4-8Grades K-1
Subjects: Juvenile works.; Cosmological distances; Astronomy; Distances;
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American Lion : Andrew Jackson in the White House / by Meacham, Jon,author.(GaAaGPL)3965;
Includes bibliographical references (pages 449-462) and index.A thought-provoking study of Andrew Jackson chronicles the life and career of a self-made man who went on to become a military hero and seventh president of the United States, critically analyzing Jackson's seminal role during a turbulent era in history, the political crises and personal upheaval that surrounded him, and his legacy for the modern presidency.Pulitzer Prize, Biography, 2009
Subjects: Nonfiction.; Biographies.; Biography.; Biographies.; Jackson, Andrew, 1767-1845.; Jackson, Andrew, 1767-1845; Jackson, Andrew, 1767-1845; Jackson, Andrew, 1767-1845.; Jackson, Andrew 1767-1845; USA President; Jackson, Andrew (Politiker); Presidents; Families.; Friendship.; Politics and government; Presidents.; Politics;
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Dorothea Benton Frank cd collection : Shem Creek / Pawleys Island / by Frank, Dorothea Benton,author.(GaAaGPL)3559; Burr, Sandra,1963-narrator.(GaAaGPL)200947; Hill, Dick,narrator.(GaAaGPL)352364; Singleton-Prather, Anita,narrator.(PINES)511821; Brilliance Audio (Firm)(GaAaGPL)376554;
Pawleys Island -- Huey Valentine and his great friend Abigail Thurmond are complacent in their fat and sassy lives until the stormy advent of the artist Rebecca Simms. Rebecca has been catapulted from her home, her marriage, and her children. She has escaped to Pawleys Island to hide herself from herself. But after Miss Olivia pries Rebecca's secrets from her, Huey and especially Abigail are challenged to reenter life outside the dream state their idyllic geography evokes.Pawleys Island read by the author.Shem Creek read by Sandra Burr and Dick Hill, with Anita Singleton-Prather as Louise.Shem Creek -- Linda Breland, single parent of two teenage daughters, is hired by Brad Jackson, a former investment banker, to run his restaurant on Shem Creek in South Carolina.
Subjects: Audiobooks.; Domestic fiction.; Fiction.; Psychological fiction.; Romance fiction.; Psychological fiction.; Audiobooks.; Domestic fiction.; Romance fiction.; Art dealers; Friendship; Plantation life; Seaside resorts; Secrecy; Women artists; Women lawyers; Mothers and daughters; Single mothers; Divorced men; Art dealers.; Divorced men.; Friendship.; Mothers and daughters.; Plantation life.; Seaside resorts.; Secrecy.; Single mothers.; Women artists.; Women lawyers.;
© ℗2015., Brilliance Audio,
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