One-Punch Man /
Rated T for teen."Every time a promising villain appears, Saitama beats the snot out of 'em with one punch! Can he finally find an opponent who can go toe-to-toe with him and give his life some meaning? Or is he doomed to a life of superpowered boredom?"--

Halloween is sweet! /
By Berenstain, Stan,

Pete the Cat's happy Halloween /
By Dean, Kim,
Pete the Cat is almost ready for the Halloween parade, but first he has to gather all of his friends.

Rocket and the perfect pumpkin /
By Hills, Tad,
Rocket and Bella find the perfect pumpkin, but it rolls away from them and they chase it all the way to Mr. Barker's house, where it makes their friend very happy.Ages 4-6.

The Berenstain Bears and the ghost of the theater /
By Berenstain, Mike,
"When Brother, Sister, and Honey need a summer job, they see that the old theater in town is hiring. The theater is dark and spooky, and full of strange things. What will they find?"

What is an election? /
By Jenner, Caryn,
Readers will learn about where and how democracy began and how it has developed over the years.What is an election? -- Election history -- Voting -- The right to vote -- Elections around the world -- Election facts -- Let's elect? -- Quiz.

You can do it! /
By Stephens, Elle,
Practicing for the skateboard contest, Penny and Rod support their friend Brody, who navigates high expectations while trying to master a big jump.

Three big bullies! /
By Webster, Christy,
When the villains take over the city square, Wonder Woman comes to the rescue by standing up to Giganta and her bully friends.

Lost bots! /
By Clauss, Lauren,
"When Energon hits the mall, it's soon clear that everything inside is more than meets the eye! Candy treats, sports equipment, electronics, food, school supplies, and more come to life as little Transformers robots called the BotBots!" 1-3.

The Evil Princess vs. the Brave Knight take turns /
By Holm, Jennifer L.,
Ages 4-6.Grades K-1."Siblings Evil Princess and Brave Knight learn to take turns"--

Harley at bat! /
By Kaplan, Arie,
Prankster Harley Quinn orchestrating a jewel heist in Gotham City-and it is up to Batman to stop her.

If I had your vote /
By Cat in the Hat
An Election Day reader finds the Cat in the Hat outlining laugh-out-loud campaign promises if he is elected president, including giving the Oval Office a more pronounced shape, replanting the Rose Garden with Seussian shrubbery and painting smiles on the somber portraits of historical leaders.

Lily and the yucky cookies /
By Covey, Sean,
Ages 5 - 7.Lily Skunk bakes cookies for her friends without listening to her father's instructions.

Sophie and the perfect poem /
By Covey, Sean,
Ages 5-7.Ms. Hoot assigns Sophie and Biff as partners to write a poem, then encourages Sophie to open her eyes to the possibility that Biff is not as mean and scary as he seems and has some good ideas, too.

Rocking the tide /
By Yolen, Jane,
A guitar-playing fish and his friends in a band called the Fry are eager to perform in a school concert but they all have the jitters, afraid something will go wrong.

The best seat in first grade /
By Kenah, Katharine,
Guided reading level: J.On the first day of first grade Sam has news to share with the class--over the summer, his elephant had a baby! His classmates find out the truth when they go to a school field trip to the local zoo.

Bunny will not be quiet! /
By Tharp, Jason,
Repeatedly asking his purple friend, Bunny, to try to be more quiet, Big the blue bear becomes exasperated as Bunny continues to be loud on the bus, at plays, and even at the library, before Big asks readers for help by encouraging better choices.

Cats rock! /
By Foxe, Steve,
Lampo, Milady, Meatball, and Pilou come together to form a rock band known as the Buffycats.

Ruth Graves Wakefield : one smart cookie /
By Howden, Sarah,
"Where would we be without Ruth Graves Wakefield? Well, we wouldn't have any chocolate chip cookies! Ruth's cookies became so famous that she traded her recipe for a lifetime supply of chocolate!"--Back cover.

Viola Desmond : a hero for us all/
By Howden, Sarah,
"In 1946, Viola Desmond stood her ground when she was refused a seat at a movie theatre because of the colour of her skin. Let's remember her courageous act together!"--Back cover.