Becoming ageless : the four secrets to looking and feeling younger than ever /
By Zelnick, Strauss,

Long road to mercy /
By Baldacci, David,
Read by Kyf Brewer and Brittany Pressley.David Baldacci introduces a remarkable new character. Atlee Pine is an FBI special agent assigned to the remote wilds of the western United States. Ever since her twin sister was abducted by a notorious serial killer at age five, Atlee has spent her life hunting down those who hurt others. Now, Atlee is called in to investigate the mutilated carcass of a mule found in the Grand Canyon, and hopefully, solve the disappearance of its rider. But this isn't the only recent disappearance. In fact, it may be just the first clue, the key to unraveling a rash of other similar missing persons cases in the canyon.

Look alive twenty-five /
By Evanovich, Janet,
Read by Lorelei King.There's nothing like a good deli and the Red River Deli in Trenton is one of the best. World famous for its pastrami, cole slaw and for its disappearing managers. Over the last month, three have vanished from the face of the earth; the only clue in each case is one shoe that's been left behind. The police are baffled. Lula is convinced that it's a case of alien abduction. Whatever it is, they'd better figure out what's going on before they lose their new manager, Ms. Stephanie Plum.

Heads you win : a novel /
By Archer, Jeffrey,
Read by Richard Armitage.Leningrad, Russia, 1968. Alexander Karpenko is no ordinary child, and from an early age, it is clear he is destined to lead his countrymen. When his father is assassinated by the KGB for defying the state, he and his mother will have to escape from Russia if they hope to survive. At the docks, they are confronted with an irreversible choice: should they board a container ship bound for America, or Great Britain?

Target: Alex Cross /
By Patterson, James,
Read by Andre Blake.Alex has a horrible premonition: is the sniper's strike only the beginning of a larger attack on the nation? It isn't long before his fears explode into life, and the nation plunges into a full-blown Constitutional crisis. His ingenuity, his training, and his capacity for battle are tested beyond limits in the most far-reaching and urgently consequential case of his life. As the rule of law is shattered by chaos, and Alex fights to isolate a suspect, his loyalty may be the biggest danger of all.

Big Nate : silent but deadly /
By Peirce, Lincoln,
"Whether he's showing the ropes to a detention rookie, campaigning for the Student of the Month Award, or writing hilarious movie reviews for The Weekly Bugle, Nate Wright never fails to make his mark at P.S. 38. But middle school's no bed of roses. In fact, sometimes it just plain stinks. Just ask the Great Nose-ini! Nate's alter ego with a sense for scents can smell trouble a mile away... or at the very next desk. Was that you, Gina?"--Page 4 of cover.

Everything is possible! /
By Parent, Nancy,
Mary Poppins returns to 17 Cherry Tree Lane to visit the Banks family following a personal loss, and, with the help of Jack the lamplighter, brings joy and wonder back into their lives.

Ruby and the magic garden /
By Meister, Cari,
Fairy Hill's magic garden has lost its sparkle, and three young fairies, Ruby, May, and Luna, try everything to restore its magic--but nothing works until Ruby discovers what is blocking the magic, and earns her wings.Accelerated Reader AR

May and the music show /
By Meister, Cari,
Luna, Ruby, and May are busy practicing for the Fairy Hill music show, and together they perform beautifully--but when it is time for Luna's solo song she freezes up, and it is up to May and her bells to help overcome Luna's stage fright.1.Pre-K-1.

Luna and the lost shell /
By Meister, Cari,
The fairy ball is tonight, but someone has taken the magic shell which powers the glow globes, and nobody wants to dance in the dark--Luna, Ruby and May find that chipmunk took it to light his house, and Luna earns her big wings by making him a magic lamp in exchange for returning the shell.1.Pre-K to 1.

This makes me silly /
By Carbone, Courtney,
A little girl spends the day at the zoo with her family and learns that it is okay to be silly but sometimes it is important to be calm.

Kristy's big day /
By Galligan, Gale,
When Kristy Thomas' mother decides to get married again, Kristy and her friends in the Baby-sitters Club have to cope with all the small children that her family and friends are bringing to the wedding.

Stinky Cecil /
By Braddock, Paige,
Age range: 7 to 12."The hilarious tale of a group of amphibians (and one free-range hamster) who set out to save their tiny pond home from one very large steamroller"--

Big Nate goes bananas /
By Peirce, Lincoln,
The last days of school are always the hardest, even if your least favourite teacher is out for the rest of the year. Summer vacation can't come soon enough! No school, baseball, beach trips, and blech! yellow bananas? Everyone at P.S. 38 is a little stir-crazy as the school year winds down. With Kim Cressly trying to make her gigantic boyfriend jealous, Artur and Nate BOTH entering Hunny Bursts cereal's new mascot contest, and Coach John subbing for Mrs. Godfrey, will Nate survive to summer vacation? Join Nate and the gang for more shenanigans in this newest collection of comics!

Star wars adventures.
Star Wars adventures. Pest control / writer, Landry Q. Walker ; artist, Eric Jones ; letterer, Tom B. Long -- Star Ward adventures. The trouble at Tibrin / writer, Landry Q. Walker ; artist, Eric Jones ; colorist, Charlie Kirchoff ; letterers, Tom B. Long & Christa Miesner -- Tales from wild space. Adventures in wookiee-sitting / writer, Alan Tudyk & Shannon Eric Denton ; artist, Arianna Florean ; colorist, Monica Kubina ; letterers, Christa Miesner & Tom B. Longe Kirchoff -- Tales from wild space. Mattis makes a stand / writers, Ben Acker & Ben Blacker ; artist, Annie Wu ; colorist, Lee Loughridge ; letterer, Tom B. Long -- Tales from wild space. The best pet / writer, Delilah S. Dawson ; artist, Arianna Florean ; letterer, Tom B. Long.FN-2187 turns a bad day and troublesome pest into praise from Captain Phasma . Luke and Leia undertake a high-stakes, two-part undercover mission on Tibrin with explosive results. Plus more stories with K-2SO , Cassian , Emil , CR-8R , and the rebels vs. the Empire expand the world of Star Wars into new territory for a new generation of fans.

Star wars adventures.
Star Wars adventures. Rose knows / writer, Delilah S. Dawson ; artist, Derek Charm ; letterer, Tom B. Long -- Star Ward adventures. Endangered / writer, Sholly Fisch ; pencilers, Sean Galloway and Jamal Peppers ; artist, Cassey Kou and Gary Martin ; colorist, Luis Antonio Delgado ; letterer, Tom B. Long -- Tales from wild space. Podracer's rescue / writer, Shaun Manning ; artist, Chad Thomas ; colorist, Charlie Kirchoff ; letterer, Tom B. Long -- Tales from wild space. Look before you leap / writer, Paul Crilley ; artist, Philip Murphy ; colorist, Wes Dzioba; letterer, Tom B. Long -- Tales from wild space. Gonk! / writer & artist, Otis Frampton ; letterer, Tom B. Long.Join Rose Tico as she takes center stage in the fight against the First Order, young Anakin Skywalker competes in a podrace that's unlike any he's seen before, and Ezra Bridger, Hera Syndulla, and the rest of the Ghost crew must retrieve a sacred bird from the Empire's clutches before pirate Hondo Ohnaka gets to it first.

I am smart /
By Capozzi, Suzy,
After worrying about what to do for his science fair project, a young boy takes his mother's suggestion to find the science in his life.

I am helpful /
By Capozzi, Suzy,
"When a new baby sister arrives, one little girl has a lot to adjust to. However, by helping her parents and taking on special jobs like singing to the baby, she learns that being a big sister comes with big rewards (plus a little spit-up too)."--Back cover.

This makes me happy /
By Carbone, Courtney,
A young girl and her class go on a field trip, complete with a roller coaster, pie-eating contest, and petting zoo, in a book that helps young readers learn to express and articulate happiness.

This makes me angry /
By Carbone, Courtney,
A young boy having a bad day that continues to get worse has a chance to reflect on the events and determine why he was so mad.