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Free Joe : stories /
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 231-232).Where's Duncan?--Blue Dave.--Balaam and his master.--Free Joe and the rest of the world.--The colonel's "nigger dog."--Daddy Jake, the runaway.--A story of the war.--Ananias.--Aunt Fountain's prisoner.--Mom Bi.--An evening with the Ku-Klux.--How Aunt Minervy Ann ran away and ran back again.--How Aunt Minervy Ann joined the Georgia Legislature.--How Aunt Minervy Ann frailed the Gossett boys.--Major Perdue's bargain.--Mingo.
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Atlanta: its lore, legends, and laughter.
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Praying for sheetrock : a work of nonfiction /
By Greene, Melissa Fay.
The old way -- Pff the road and far from money -- The education of Thurnell Alston -- "Howdy folks, this is your lucky day" -- Deacon Curry, Deacon Thorpe, and the little deputies -- Praying for sheetrock -- Shoot a man in broad daylight? -- The three musketeers -- Circuit riding into the past -- The White Boys' Bible -- The boycott -- "Go to go vote for my little Thurnell" -- The old fox gets away again -- Commissioner Alston -- "Through the ocean of the sea for her child" -- The music man -- "Head in the lion's mouth, got to ease it out".
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A conspiracy of bones /
By Reichs, Kathy,
It's sweltering in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Temperance Brennan, still recovering from neurosurgery following an aneurysm, is battling nightmares, migraines, and what she thinks might be hallucinations when she receives a series of mysterious text messages, each containing a new picture of a corpse that is missing its face and hands. Immediately, she's anxious to know who the dead man is, and why the images were sent to her. An identified corpse soon turns up, only partly answering her questions. To win answers to the others, including the man's identity, she must go rogue, working mostly outside the system. That's because Tempe's new boss holds a fierce grudge against her and is determined to keep her out of the case. Tempe bulls forward anyway, even as she begins questioning her instincts. But the clues she discovers are disturbing and confusing. Was the faceless man a spy? A trafficker? A target for assassination by the government? And why was he carrying the name of a child missing for almost a decade? With help from a number of law enforcement associates including her Montreal beau Andrew Ryan and the always-ready-with-a-smart-quip, ex-homicide investigator Skinny Slidell, and utilizing new cutting-edge forensic methods, Tempe draws closer to the astonishing truth. But the more she uncovers, the darker and more twisted the picture becomes...

Hit list /
By Woods, Stuart,
"Stone Barrington faces down a vengeful miscreant... When Stone Barrington finds his name on a hit list, he plans to lie low until the culprit is caught. But when this foe shows no signs of stopping until his deadly objective is realized in full, Stone is left with no choice but to face the problem head-on. Armed and alert, Stone joins forces with his most savvy connections to catch the perpetrator before the next strike. But it turns out this scum is an expert at evasion in more ways than one, and the international cat-and-mouse hunt that ensues has Stone questioning if he has become the predator or the prey..." --

The boy from the woods /
By Coben, Harlan,
"The man known as Wilde is a mystery to everyone, including himself. Decades ago, he was found as a boy living feral in the woods, with no memory of his past. After the police concluded an exhaustive hunt for the child's family, which was never found, he was turned over to the foster system. Now, thirty years later, Wilde still doesn't know where he comes from, and he's back living in the woods on the outskirts of town, content to be an outcast, comfortable only outdoors, preferably alone, and with few deep connections to other people. When a local girl goes missing, famous TV lawyer Hester Crimstein--with whom Wilde shares a tragic connection--asks him to use his unique skills to help find her. Meanwhile, a group of ex-military security experts arrive in town, and when another teen disappears, the case's impact expands far beyond the borders of the peaceful suburb. Wilde must return to the community where he has never fit in, and where the powerful are protected even when they harbor secrets that could destroy the lives of millions . . . secrets that Wilde must uncover before it's too late"--

The last odyssey : a thriller /
By Rollins, James,
For eons, the city of Troy--whose legendary fall was detailed in Homer's Iliad--was believed to be myth, until archaeologists in the nineteenth century uncovered its ancient walls buried beneath the sands. In the frozen tundra of Greenland, a group of modern-day researchers stumble on a shocking find: a medieval ship buried a half-mile below the ice. The ship's hold contains a collection of even older artifacts--tools of war--dating back to the Bronze Age. Inside the captain's cabin is a magnificent treasure that is as priceless as it is miraculous: a clockwork gold map imbedded with an intricate silver astrolabe. Once activated, the moving map traces the path of Odysseus's famous ship as it sailed away from Troy. But the route detours as the map opens to reveal a fiery river leading to a hidden realm underneath the Mediterranean Sea. It is the subterranean world of Tartarus, the Greek name for Hell. In mythology, Tartarus was where the wicked were punished and the monstrous Titans of old, imprisoned. When word of Tartarus spreads--and of the cache of miraculous weapons said to be hidden there--tensions explode in this volatile region where Turks battle Kurds, terrorists wage war, and civilians suffer untold horrors.

Journey of the pharaohs : a novel from the NUMA files /
By Cussler, Clive,
"Kurt Austin and the NUMA crew race to identify a link between an ancient Egyptian treasure, a 1927 daredevil aviator's disappearance and the sinking of a modern fishing trawler to prevent a scheme by a cutthroat arms dealer."--

A forgotten murder /
By Deveraux, Jude,
"An English manor home, an unsolved mystery, too many suspects to count -- It's the perfect holiday for romance novelist Sara Medlar. After solving two murder cases in their hometown of Lachlan, Florida, Sara Medlar, her niece Kate and their friend Jack need a change of scenery. Sara arranges for them to visit an old friend of hers in England. Upon arrival at Oxley Manor, a centuries-old estate that has been converted to a luxury hotel, Kate and Jack quickly realize that Sara is up to something. They learn that Sara has also invited a number of others to join them at Oxley. When everyone assembles, Sara lets them know why they are there. Decades earlier, two people ran off together from Oxley and haven't been heard from since -- and Sara wants to solve the case. As the people who were there the night the two went missing, the guests find themselves cast in a live mystery-theater event. In reenacting the events of that night, it becomes clear that everyone has something to hide and no one is safe, especially when the discovery of a body makes it clear that at least one of the people who disappeared was murdered. Sara, Jack and Kate are once again at the heart of a mysterious case that only they are able to solve. But someone is willing to continue to kill to keep the truth about Oxley Manor buried, and none of the guests are safe." -- ‡cProvided by publisher.